Who Needs A Temporary Food Service Permit?

Any operation that offers food to the public at a fixed location for no more than 14 consecutive days, such as a carnival, public exhibition, festival, celebration, fair, and a transitory gathering, needs to obtain a permit from the Stratford Health Department. The Stratford Town Code requires a permit for temporary events when food and beverages are offered to the public.

We have included a printable Temporary Food Service Application Form at the bottom of this page for your convenience. Also included is a printable version of the Food Service Guide.

The Application Process – How to Obtain A Permit

•  You must obtain a Temporary Food Service application from the Stratford Health Department. We can mail or fax it to you.

•  Return the application to the Stratford Health Department at least two weeks prior to the event. A fee will be required for registered non-profit organizations, and for profit making businesses.

•  The Stratford Health Department will review the application with the person in charge of food over the phone or in the office before approval of the application. An inspection of your food booth by the Stratford Health Department may be required.

•  Your heating and cooling equipment must be approved by the Stratford Health Department.

•  All food and beverages (including ice) must come from an approved source. This means food must be purchased or donated from an approved wholesale or retail store and prepared in a commercial establishment. No donations from individuals are allowed.

•  You must provide a list of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all volunteers working at your booth, including their time-in, time-out, job duties, and dates worked.

•  All volunteers working at your food booth must read this guide and will be responsible for all items contained in this manual.